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Saturday, June 20, 2009

How TRUE is this?

I really really wanna know...
can sum1 please tell me how do i earn 4rm blogging??
is it true that the sum1 who reads your blog mus click on the ads to entitle u for the RM 4rm nuffnag???
if yes.. can all off you who read my blog now click on it...???
please... im trying to earn some money here... cz im effing broke...

Today i went to Midvalley with my bf to watch

The Last House On The Left

Practically people in the cinema was clapping and laughing
cz its not a ghost movie o anything, its jus some guy who is supose 2 b in the jail is out
and his son brought 2 girls home despite the warning his father gave that is NEVER TO BRING ANY1 HOME..
nevway it was not their hse.. jus a motel.. and movie goes on and on, until the guy was killed by one of the girls parent...

Im not gona tell u the whoel story here k...
you either watch the movie o got check out the trailer..

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