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Sunday, April 12, 2009

SUNNY day ended up RAINING

Generally the 'ancestors prayers' in Tapah went okie.
Left the house at 5.30.. I was damn sleepy as i only slept at 3 AM and only had 1 1/2 hours of sleep cz i need 1 hour 2 get ready, that means that i had 2 get up at 4.30.
I snooze my hp alarm when it rang, tak sampai 5 mnt, my dad came knocking the door.
Got up and started taking bath and waking the rest up.
After that i asked my dad "when are you gonna get a 6 bathroom house?" cz everytime i bath, there will be sum1 asking, 'How long more do you need to come out'. Damn iritating.

Neway v mange 2 leave the house at 5.30, so not a big problem, and my dad was only driving at 80KM/J, cz he said that, moving at that speed saves petrol.
Reachr Tapah around 7.30++, bought the necessary things (rice, tosai *my favourite* and idli) then naik to the graveyard. This INDIAN graveyard's DOOR is never open, so we had to climb near the side fence. And the part where the stone (where the body is buried) is in the middle of all the other stones. My family oways use the short cut where you jus climb whereever you see a place to climb, and thats very dangerous as if you slip and fall, your ass will be full of MUD.

This time that all my dad side went, the guys were up doing all the cleaning and sum of us jus sat down.. 2DAYS WEATHER WAS DAMN HOT. Normally when only my family go, we will just pull awaya the grass and jus finish prayers and balik, this time, they were delaying everything. So we were there until 12 sumthing. I think im a bit dark now..all because of the sun... :-)

After that we went to this waterfall 'Lata Kinjang' it was jus on the way. 2nd time going there. I dint go there with any intention of geting my self wet, so jus brought 1 pants incase if i slip and fall. Hehe.. So me n my 2 sis jus thought of going into the water to WET our LEGS, it started ridzling (correct spelling)?.. Came out 4rm the water and the rain started pouring so i jus slept in the hut. Mosquitos was biting and biting.. My face being the most sensitive started swelling at everypart. EEwewww.. hate mosquitoes, Hate insects,HATE animals....except 4 cute dogs..

After tat around 4 sumthing left the place when the rain stoped...Then terus balik.
My fathers speed was ONLY 80km/j. so it took us 2 hours to reach home when we can actually reach home within 1 1/2 hour.

So thats it 4 the outing for ancestors prayers and picnic in the waterfall...

Exam is on TUESDAY and i am still LAZY to study. Have to start 2molo....
Pray 4 me that ill pass my exams k...

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