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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It has been so long since i last bloged abt myself and what i've been doing...

So i went for 2 holidays... 1 to MELAKA wif ma college frens.. and it was so so fun... then the 2nd 1 was to LAGKAWI wif ma family, and this was much more fun..,bcz i did not pay 4 anything except 4 thigns i wanted 2 buy, and that oso dad said he will subsidy(correct spelling??) us.

The MELAKA 3days 2 nite trip... Was organised by winnie... nice trip... oni 5 of us went.. me, wing, miao, winnie and hiong(the oni male)...since oni 5 of us was so keen about going and the rest FONG FEI KEI (left aeroplane(straight translation)), winnie drove instead of us renting a van... On the way going time, saw an aident and the guy actually took a hockey stick to go and talk 2 d other guy damn scary lor... but v tak sibuk, jus drove and went straight to A FAMOSA with the help if the GPS borrowed from my bf...

1st day reached there around 2pm sumthing and went to the town around 4pm sumthing after bringing up all our luagages and rested 4 a while.. The town was located 29KM from the condo v were staying.. BEVERLY HILLS condo...

Parking was RM2 per entry, very cheap LOR. then went and bought AIR KELAPA, no taste d lor, cz 2much ice..Then walk around taking pictures..
Went to the BIG SHIP.. paid RM3 per person for entrance fee and v have to take off our shoes, so they provided us with plastic bags WASTING.. not enviromental consious..bought 1 "baris" 4got wad's it in english of key chain...
Next was the ferri along the 9KM river RM10 per person... this was preety lame, cz they keep talking abt history that i think has already been changed.. and v were already sweeting and tired and were VERY sticky... Wanted 2 sit in the "yat chi hiong".. its sumthing lyk a josstick where u sit in the bulatan, and it will go up and down... but din have enough time and though to postpone it to monday but tak jadi at last...
So we walk straight to the JONKER WALK and walk and walk... Main idea was to eat CHICKEN RICE BALL, but oso tak jadi... u know y??
cz, v were all thinking 2 walk finish 1st, then oni eat... So we walk n walk, and eat...
Big Ship -RM3
Ferri- RM10
Coconut water -RM1
Key chain - RM7
1 t-shirt -RM18
1 bateri fan- RM8
2 Back scratcher - RM2
Uno cards cz 4got 2 bring -RM3 but ended up playing 1 round oni
waffel hotdog- RM 1.50 cz shared with wing
water "ai yu ping" -RM 0.90 oso shared with wing
Dim Sum 7 for -RM3
Yau cha Kuai - RM 0.50
Cempedak- RM1
Tako - RM 2...
Guessed that was the expense 4 the 1st day...

2nd day went to water world... Parking was RM3.. Nth much 2 play cz all was under maintanence..
Guessed i embaraced myself infront of this few frens of mine, cz i badan oni besar, but takut main scary games...
so there was this sliding game.. sunway lagoon oso got...
winnie and miao took the ride 1st, and they were SHOUTING AND SHOUTING, so i got scared and told wing, NO WAY im going down on the slide...But after that hiong and miao came up.. then hiong say, dunit scare d lar.. shut up n sit.. so he pushed us down.. There were no helper lyk how in sunway lagoon, got worker to help u,here u help urself..
The best part was, I DID NOT SHOUT, BUT WING WAS SHOUTING.. hahaha... wing scold me ask y i din shout.. hehehe
So i syok d lar... ask wing 2 naik again, now we went 4 the 1 miao and winnie sat 1st, when turun time, quite stip lor.. so jerit abit oni, then i was laughing all the way down... fun....
Me n wing decided not 2 change cz balik condo mus mandi again, so jus rinse n get wiped..
Went back to the condo around 2 sumthing cz nth else 2 play d..
Lunch - RM 10
Purse - RM 10 (it was cute and got 1 small part which can be pulled out, can put cards)
Locker - RM 2 (shared among girls)
Fruit - RM 2
Tis is in the water world...

Then went back 4 shower and slept until 5 sumthing 6... Drove to cowboy town... took photo wif snake and tiger.. watched red indian show..(more lyk sakai show).. then carvial show and fireworks...
Water - RM?? (duno how much d.. hehe)
Bumper car -RM4
Thats all...

3rd day check out at 9 and went to animal world safari... as usual.. see all the animals.. haha..
fruit -RM 4
Lunch - RM 10
We watched all the shows.. all... wild west show was the last and then back to kl, but stoped at kajang to buy kajang satay and send miao home.. then sent hiong, wing, and me... so that was the story abt it....

Check out the photos on my facebook, cz im so bladdy lazy 2 upload it here...
chiaou..... will upload the langkawi photo next time... byeezz....

p/s : half of this blog was written on the 27th but, oni finished and updated on 17/5/2009

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