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Monday, April 6, 2009

LiFe is ToO shOrt

Life is too short for any regrets later on. I saw this blog post which i dun even know the person and found out that she has got a fren that suicide, but how she suicide was not mentioned.

The girl was a very happy, talented girl, but WHY did she choose suicide as everything in her life was so good. What kinda problem she had that she choosed to end her life?

I once wrote on my facebook status " Sharmini Manan is thinking about suicide.. wads the best way without pain? " with a funny feeling thinking about how many people actually care.. Few of my friends SMSed me asking what on earth am i thinking and why the sudden STUPID wish of ending my life. In this life, many people come into our life, and many will leave, but there are some out there that will stay forever..

Some come
Some go
Some stay for long
Some stay 4 a while
Some jus call you when they need you
Some call you when they miss you
Some call you just to tell you that you are not forgotten

So how many will stay there everyday for you?

I've got 5 plus 1 people to be there for me..
cz i've got

1. DAD whom i always fight and v even went on silent war for months cz i hurt him so much,even after hurting him, he is still here.. always there to pull me up when im falling.
2. MUM always there to tell me not to screw up my life
3. 2 lovely SISTERS to share my laughters
4. BROTHER to fight over small2 things and then smile back at each other
Not to forget the 1 (ONE) my bf... 4 years and he is still there holding on to me though some time v fight and argue, I always know that he will still hold my hand when im falling.

It seems that im the naughty 1 2 ague and fight and make people worry abt me... BUT if sumthing happen 2 me, i know these are the peoples that will be the ones 2 stand up for me.. To be there 2 tell me, nothing matters as long as you are safe.

Coming back to life is to short, everything has got its solutions so no point thinking about suicide, cz you will oni be a GHOST and not re-birth to be in a better and happier family..

So why not just say to hell with you problem, i am gonne slap you, kick you and punch you and say FUCK OFF problem and continue my life.

When people do bad, say its okie, you will get back someday.

God always give in to people that has got a gud heart. Im not saying that im gud, cz sumtime when people iritate me, i tend to get angry and shout back. Thats not the corect way, cz later on i will think back and scold myself that "hey you hurt the person k, stupid me" . So why bother scolding urself? Learn to say ITS OKIE... Cz god always know how to reward you for your kindness.

It looks lyk I say 1 thing and do anoter thing rite?? thats HUMAN... but im trying to learn... PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.. im still learning..

I think i talked too much here.. SO WHAT?? its my BLOG.. hahaha...

P/S: sorry 4 talking so much..... =P

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