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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Im being lame for these few days.. Dunit Study, Dunit work... do nth...
Get up at 12 in the afternoon if my bf dun disturb my sleep... cz he oways wan go SRI pandi 2 eat..
Have been going for exercise wif ma family, trying to lose some weight.. dun lose kg oso i hope can lose some inch on my fat body..
last nite rent a bicycle and was chasing my dad 4rm d back, was right beind him and decided 2 jus follow him at the back, dowan overtake, and he was increasing his speed cz dowan me 2 win over him, haha.. lame me n dad.. and now my ass and my knee is so paining 4rm doing the exercise..

sum1 said since my body ady got so much fats, i should go 4 slimming experts, cz if i exercise now oso, it will oni built my muscles and not reduce my size.. but swimming will be a gud exercise.. mus do light exercise.. even running is not encouraged. mayb a slow jog...

At last both the cars in my hse had a good bath... i changed the car drawer ady..

okie going for exercise now.. buh bye....

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