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Monday, April 20, 2009


The weather is so bloody hot...
Im trying 2 keep myself awake cz i wanna maple, but my body wanna sleep
My aircond is not working. kinda mad ady.. cz when i on the aircond,oni got hot air, and after awhile oni the cold air will come.. need to get the guy 2 come and service..
Went for Hakka food in klang yesterday afternoon.. the weather was also very hot..
I think it havent been raining 4rm friday.. wonder why??
Maple ady disconnect 3 times, there goes 80k x 3 cz i had to buy ticket 3 times and after using it disconnected.
How i wish my hse got many2 aircond and my dad is rich enough to pay 4 the electricity bill.. hehe..

Going 2 Melaka in 4 days time... wonder what 2 pack.. cz my body is not ready 2 play in the water..

Im thinking if i should go n sleep o not, cz i might end up sweating while sleeping and i hate the feeling of geting up wif sweat all around..

Ate Sri Pandi again 4 lunch cz my bf was craving for it..

Had to go 2 perodua to purchase the drawer on the pasenger side cz its cracked..
And i wonder why is the drawer cheaper than the clock.. cz the drawer on cost me RM 68.20 but the clockwhich is so small is RM 160 ++..

VERY VERY hot... im now down with flu so i hate the SUN...
Trying 2 stay indoor as much as i can...
Im gona continue maple...

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