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Sunday, April 5, 2009

BORING *singing*

I am dead BORED now..
my bf is busy doing his assignment because its due in two weeks time..

I watched Fast n Furious 4 on Friday in Gardens and Ayyan (Tamil movie) on Saturday in 1U with my bf..and both times i bought the SALTED POPCORN which my bf gets furious about if i tell him i wan a LARGE 1. He and my parents are always against foods or drinks that has got salt in it,my mother always shouts at me bcs of SALT and my father throws my salty foods. Im a salt freak, i love everything that has got salt.
let me least some down:

1. MORU AIS *my all time favourite* (my siblings loves it if I do, cz i put lot lot salt and it taste nice.. DAMN nice)
2.SALTED lassi

3.SALTED popcorn

4.jeruk betik *damn salty* (can get it in 7-eleven or any grocery shop)
5.sour plums(must be salty)

This is the few that i can think now...

Guess we will stop watching movies for a while cz ill be siting 4 exam on d 14th and 17th this month and my bf will be busy until the end of MAY because of his THREE assignments and exams.

Will be going to Melaka wit my college friends after exam.. Will take sum pics then..

Till then... buhbye...

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