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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The 1st APRIL

1st APRIL was patti's(grandma) birthday... Yesterday, v bought a slice of pandan cake which she loves and blow d candle on her behalf.. while singing a a birthday song, my tears just formed in my eyes and i went into my room 2 wipe my tears off. Sad that patti have left ur 4 2 month as she passed away on d 31st of january this year..

I just finished my fa3 homework and was just looking into my folders to delete the unwanted ones and i saw this files which contained the video and pictures v took on 22nd of JUNE last year (2008), which was a surprised anniversary dinner 4 my parents and both my grandmother was there with all the other family members, happily eating and watching the video v(the 4 children) did 4 my parents.. lucky v were early in doing the surprised dinner or v would not have patti in the video too...
This video is a surprised video... and the other video is the picture taken on the special day

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