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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My kelisa got RAPED

My car got robbed on sunday 15/3/09.. Curse the guy who broke into my car.. he broke the back window (pic is below) and he only broke d small window and put his hand in and wind down the window and jumped in... and d best part is, the seat of the chair was not moved even A BIT. And i believe this guy would have practice crawling into the car quiet sumtime as he did a very gud job of not moving the seats.

He not only took the radio, smart tag, touch n go cz he took the DIGITAL CLOCK that is gona cost me RM 182 if i wanna buy 4rm perodua.. but he was so kind 2 leave both the screw on the chair. he took RM 6 note that was in the coin box and left the coins 4 us.

Me n my sis discussed and decided not 2 put the radio until sumtime, who know if the guy still eyeing at the car 2brake into the car again.. damage 4 the mirror was RM 50... cheap lar.. i wonder was kinda "sui" my car got.. tayar's cover oso ppl keep curi, buy new 1, next day it will go missing. back wiper oso got ppl curi lar... omg...
but v r very lucky he din steal the car.. hehe

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